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31 May 2024

Learning To Enjoy What Matters

For some time in the last couple of years, there has been a crescent discontent with the state of the entertainment industry, most notably video games and movies. From bug-filled releases to bad CGI, from bad sequels, prequels, remakes and remasters to the pandering and DEI… it does seem as if the industry leaders have a fetish for stifling innovation and take the lazy approach of over-promising and under-delivering instead of putting the effort into delivering good products with originality.

19 August 2023

The Internet Is (Not) Dead

Suppose you are one of the prisoners in Plato’s Cave, and you have just now realized that the shadows projected on the cavern walls are not real. You also realize the shackles that held you to the ground are loose, and no one is watching you. Seeing this as an opportunity, you set yourself free and flee. On your way out, you find out that the cave you were in is actually part of a much wider and deeper network of caves filled to the brim with prisoners.

15 July 2023

Wait, this still exists?!

Hello internet, so glad to see you my friend. It’s been a while… There has been exactly 1 year and 3 months since my last blogpost, and it seemed that my website had fallen very shortly after its initial upload. It turns out a lot of stuff happened in my life since then, and I had neither time nor motivation to continue with this endeavor. However, very recent events have ignited in me a spark of motivation to pick up from where I left.

05 April 2022

Why does this exist?

In this introductory post for the weblog part of my website, I'd like to elucidate the motivation behind its development. Recently, it is crystal clear that the modern world wide web is dominated by centralized, oligarchic enterprises, collectively known as The Big Tech. One might use the Pareto Principle to state that 80% of the internet traffic revolve around 20% of the available websites, but that might be a rough estimate.