OBispo's Website

15 July 2023

Wait, this still exists?!

Hello internet, so glad to see you my friend. It’s been a while…

There has been exactly 1 year and 3 months since my last blogpost, and it seemed that my website had fallen very shortly after its initial upload. It turns out a lot of stuff happened in my life since then, and I had neither time nor motivation to continue with this endeavor.

However, very recent events have ignited in me a spark of motivation to pick up from where I left. Most notably, the collapse of modern social media (which I will explore in a later post) has inspired me once more to elaborate further my website and create a long-standing place on the Internet I can more reliably call mine. You can think of this website as my visit card, so to speak. ;)

In order to breathe new life to this website, I have completely redesign of my website using Hugo as the website generator. It took some time to get the templates up and running, but it will certainly speed up the site updates.

In the meantime, I’ll write deeper, more technical posts about different subjects (finally bringing physics and deep learning to the table, hopefully). See you some other time! :)